Letter of Intent for Tender

A letter which is write for obtaining tender from open market or from public sector is called Letter of Intent for Tender. It indicates willingness of contractor to fulfill all requirements of tender. It is very professional letter hence massive care is inequitable.


Letter-of-intent for tender Letter-of-intent for tender

Letter of Intent for Project

A business letter which is sent by a company for sending information and planning’s of a company or for showing their interest in a specific project. It is also sent by the companies for describing the terms and conditions related with the project before performing any work of its.


Letter-of-intent for Project Letter-of-intent for Project


Letter of Intent for Job

Letter of intent is like a cover letter which is written by an employee for getting a new job in a company. It is specific letter which is written for describing the skills, qualities and qualifications of an intent or also for describing need for job. It also written well for shows the interest of the person for becoming the company’s employee.


letter-of-intent for Job letter-of-intent for Job

Business Letter of Intent

Letter of intent is the business document which is prepared about all the detailed information about the company or its intentions. It is written by the mangers or authority before the any specific dealing to provide information about the deal, business or its terms and conditions.


Business Letter-of-intent Business Letter-of-intent


Business Inquiry Letter

It is a business letter which is written for the inquiry of a business or organization. In this letter all contents about the business is asked for any specific reason. It is the way of acknowledging some important facts of the business.


Business-inquiry-letter Business-inquiry-letter


Business Recommendation Letter

Business recommendation letter is written for recommending some new ideas and thoughts for increasing the growth of sale and progress of the business. This letter is also written by the clients and also some expertise which really know the key factors of the better business growth.


Business Recommendation Letter Business Recommendation Letter


Business Request Letter

A well written letter by a company or organization for sending some business request to the other companies is called Business Request Letter. These requests are like a sponsorship request, partnership request or many others. It is a best and accurate way of sending request related to the business.


Business Request letter Business Request letter


Business Sales letter

A letter which is designed to attracts the clients for purchasing the products or services direct by the sales company. This letter is written for introduce the sales efforts of direct mailed packages. It is most perfect way of advertising and persuading peoples to purchase your products and services.


Business Sales-Letter Business Sales-Letter


Business Complaint Letter

It is a letter which is written for resolve a complaint against to a business company for its poor services and goods which are delivered. This is also written by one company to another and also by the customer to the company or concerns.


Business complaint-letter Business complaint-letter


Business Apology Letter

A letter which is mostly written for apologizes to the customers, clients, business partners for the any type of mistake or some business offense. It is probably written to the offended person for apologizes or for the saving of the business relationship.


Business-apology-letter Business-apology-letter