Wedding Invitation Letter

Wedding invitation is written for inviting people on the marriage ceremony of a person. It is also used as an invitation card and sends to the all friends and relatives for inviting them. It is another and simple form of sending wedding invitation.


Wedding Invitation letter Wedding Invitation letter


Party Invitation Letter

Party invitation letter is typist form of invitation which is designed for sending invitations to friends and relatives for inviting them on a party. It is used as an invitation card and mostly sends to the special for inviting them personally.


party Invitation letter party Invitation letter


Concert Invitation Letter

A letter which is designed in attractive way for attracts the people. It is mostly used for the publicity of a concert which is organized by a specific organization. This is also written for inviting different celebrities as well as for gathers the general public.


Concert Invitation letter Concert Invitation letter


Baby shower Invitation Letter

Baby shower is special day which is organized by the parents of a new born baby for showing him/her to the all relatives and friends. And a specific letter which is written by the parents of the baby for inviting and shares this special news to all of them is baby shower invitation letter.


Babyshower invitation letter Babyshower invitation letter

Sample Invitation Letters

Sample Invitation letters are written to invite people on celebrations. These celebrations may relate to personal and professional life. Invitation letter consist of some important information like names of invitees, title of celebrations, time, date and location of celebrations, names of host and other important information that may be convenient for invitees. Invitation letters are written in a particular format. If you are not aware of right format for invitation letters, you can just come on our website and can get free invitation letter template. This is very easy to use and edit according to personal requirements.

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2- Concert Invitation Letter

3- Party Invitation Letter

4- Wedding Invitation Letter