Promotion Reference Letter

It is a well written letter which is also written by the manager to giving the reference of his/her best performances and abilities which are qualified for the promotion. It is also written well and presented by the manger to the authority and head of the organization.


Promtional Reference-Letter Promtional Reference-Letter

Job Reference Letter

It is a reference letter which is written about the skills, working abilities, work habits and achievement of the person for getting a job. This is a well written which gives the reference of the person and helps for getting professional position in any business or educational organization.


Job Reference-Letter Job Reference-Letter


Employee Reference Letter

A reference letter is written by the employer for its employee about his/her qualities and working abilities. It is a specific letter which is needed by the employee for getting new job in another firm or organization. This letter helps him/her getting new job with a well written reference letter.


Employee Reference-Letter Employee Reference-Letter


Client Reference Letter

Client reference letter is written by the company to its clients for the reference of their services and products. Some qualities of the goods are also mentioned for the reference of the customer/client for encouraging them for purchase and use the products and services of the company.


Client Reference-Letter Client Reference-Letter

Reference Letter Samples

A sample reference letter is written in professional life just to provide reference. References are provided for several purposes including personal and professional. Usually job seekers need to have reference letter with them for getting sound position in an organization a reference letter must look very professional and best. Here we have reference letter template that you can use to make a good looking and professional like reference letter for your purposes. This template will let you make a good reference letter within less time and free as well.
1- Client Reference Letter

2- Employee Reference Letter

3- Job Reference Letter

4- Promotion Reference Letter



Academic help provides steps for Letter of complaint

It’s considered as one of the common form of writing, which in fact every individual must have faced in their life span. The issues which could relate to any individual would be related to unsatisfactory quality of goods or services, issues with regards to electricity etc. It has become a common or general operation where people do write the letter of complaint for getting any issues solved from any authorities. If you don’t know how to handle the complaint letter writing, then you can surely seek help from academic help. They are service providers, who could handle the complaint letters efficiently and effectively.

Academic help has taken the privilege of presenting some complaint letter examples, through which candidates or people could get an idea how to write a complaint letter? The samples available are of free of cost and they have also recommended that they should not be copied or downloaded. Some of the tips for writing complaint letters are-

  • Individual should be crystal clear about the issues which have been faced and you want to get it posted.
  • Once you have written the formal greetings and heading you should mention the subject for which you are complaining. You should inform the addressee about the reaction for certain products or events.
  • With respect to the problem, you should try to provide some reference to the issue which you have already mentioned, so that the authorities could get the information describing the circumstances which brought to you at the verge of dissatisfaction. You should further expand on the effects and consequences which had the problem and you should be able to show that what amount of damage you have suffered.
  •  Once the problem has been described, you should specify that what you need the addressee to look into. You could even ask them to navigate and investigate with respect to the situation which you have faced. Optionally, you could add the warning which would specify that if no action is taken then you would be proceeding towards the higher authorities and could also escalate the issue further.
  • When you are focusing on the closing of the letter, you should take care that you express your concerns politely and softly and further regret for the misunderstanding which has occurred due to mis-communications.

There is no specific topic, which could encourage you for complaining but there are numerous issues which could be complaint on regular basis. Some of the topics which could be covered are- Infringements of rights, corruption, unfair treatment, laziness of officials and many more.

Academic help also provides guidance with respect to the mistakes which are generally found in the writings. Some of the common mistakes which are done by the people with respect to complaints are- Firstly, as the complaint document are essential documents, as it could be presented in the case of court as evidence. So make sure that whatever you are mentioning should be crystal clear and should specify the details with respect to name, address and dates etc.