Sponsorship Termination Letter

This letter is mostly written by the sponsors for the termination of the sponsorship which is done between the two parties. This is the way of informing the sponsored party about this decision. The reason of the termination of this sponsorship relationship is also describes in this letter.


Sponsorship Termination-Letter Sponsorship Termination-Letter


Service Termination Letter

Service termination letter is written by the service providers to their clients for informing about the termination of the service. The detail and reason of this termination is also included in this letter. The service termination is also may be sent to the customer since he/she has not paying the bills.


services Termination-Letter services Termination-Letter


Sales Termination Letter

Sales termination letter is sent to the service provider company for the termination of sales. It is sent when a company is not satisfied and happy with the provided service and it wants the termination of sale. It is written in proper format and it helps in making situation simpler and polite.

Sales Termination-Letter Sales Termination-Letter

Project Termination Letter

It is a letter which is used as a business letter or written by one company to another for the cancellation or termination of the project. It is sent when the company is not satisfied with the work of the project team as well as for some finance problems.


Project Termination-Letter Project Termination-Letter


Lease Termination Letter

Lease termination letter is sent by the lessee to landlord for terminating the lease for the reason of moving from this leased property to another home. It is must be written before the time of renewal of the lease or the planning of moving out to current home.


Lease Termination-Letter Lease Termination-Letter


Employment Termination Letter

A letter which is written is sent to the employee for informing him/her that his employment has been terminated.  This letter is typically gives by the employer to the employee or former and it is also written while stating some emotions for describing the cause of termination.


Employment Termination-Letter Employment Termination-Letter

Employee Termination Letter

A letter which is written and sent from a company to its employee for firing him/her from his job for cause of the lack of work. It is the pain full moment for the terminated employee but the companies also take this decision for preserve the health of the company or organization.


Employee Termination Letter Employee Termination Letter


Contract Termination Letter

A written document which is written or sent to another before ending or cancellation of the signed contract in future date. It is written by the one company to another for informing about this decision along with its reason.


Contract Termination Letter Contract Termination Letter


Termination Letter Samples

Sample Termination letters are written in organizations when employees are fired and terminated from jobs. These letters are basically a notification for employees that they are being fired from job. Termination letters can be said very important among organizational documentations. That’s why a termination letter must be created in the best professional way. Here we provide you complete assistance in this regard and offer you free downloading of termination letter template. You can get it free and can edit it according to your requirements.


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