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Condolence Letter Samples

A sympathy letter sample which is written to a person for the time of grievance and loss of any special and loved ones. This letter is written for conveying your condolence message to showing your sympathy and support for someone who is mourning a death. This condolence letter is written on that time when you can’t reach there. It is also prepared in some proper format using some touchier word or while including main contents like the exact name and address of the deceased person. This letter is must be handwritten letter.

A great source of comfort for that person who is mourning a death of his/her loved one. It is also written to your, friends and relative when you know someone is passes away. It is a difficult time for them and you must be reaching to them for showing your sympathy. You can also send this a well written condolence letter or message that truly uplift and show your support. This letter is must be written in thoughtful, touching and heartfelt words.


1- Accident Condolence Letter 

2- Condolence Letter to Friend

3- Death Condolence Letter

4- Loss Condolence Letter




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