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Resignation Letter Samples

A letter which is written by the employee or intent of the company for leaving its job or position on a specific date. This letter is also written by employee before quitting its job and all responsibilities. This letter may be written to the senior employer as well as the head and management of the company and it also written as per the rules and regulation of the company. All the information about the employee, its job and position and the reason of resigning is also includes in this resignation letter.

A resignation letter sample is must be written by the employer of the company for before leaving his post and job. It is written by the employer to its boss and supervisor for informing him about resigning from job. It is especially written in professional manners while including all contents about your self or your job, position, date of resignation and also information about the company is indicates. This resignation letter is must be simple, brief and focused as possible or also should be positive.

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